Love is the greatest adventure...


Meet Katherine

Hello! I am a portrait photographer located in Sacramento, CA. I have been photographing Northern California's newest and tiniest residents since 2009. I proudly specialize in maternity, newborn and baby through their first year.

I get asked a lot about how I became a newborn photographer. I have always loved photography. I remember flipping through my parents wedding album about a million times when I was little. I carried around a camera everywhere I went after I got one for my 8th grade graduation. I love how it stops time.

How you can look at an image and be transported back: to a place, to a smell, to a feeling, back to a memory or time you cherish. Capturing that true newborn stage when your baby is so tiny and new is a specialty all it's own within the photography world. It's truly an honor and I hope I can freeze this time for you.

Things I love when I’m not photographing babies and bumps:

•  hiking/backpacking/camping

•  Traveling (I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list)

•  vanilla lattes

•  live music

•  pinot noir

•  and of course my friends and family